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Hi everybody... welcome to my blog!

Hello world

It was about time for me to really have a blog. Or should I say Vlog?

It’s not the first one I had. I tried many years ago to have something where several people could write. I also did a small test before a course on blogging with WordPress where I wrote an entry each day, and it was a very interesting experience. That got lost, and it didn’t have anything of special interest, I have to say. The thing is I like writting, I’ve been writting several things for work in the past, for leisure when I was very young, and I wish I would have continued to do so. I also like to read, and again, did read a lot of books before… before the Internet.

I don’t think a lot of people is going to be reading this right now, but if you are, you may have some questions. Why now? Is this really going to last? Would I care for Vicente’s content? Why in English?

Let’s start with the last one. I like writing in Spanish and English. Doing the latter is not easy (not my mother tongue), so doing this will be an interesting exercise. I know many friends will not read my posts if they are in English, but again I don’t think they will read this for long anyway. And I also plan to write about experiments I sometimes do and want to keep doing, about cybersecurity, science, IoT, science fiction, and some things I want to have a greater reach. I don’t mind few people reading this, but I want to write in a global way. And, I’m writing another thing in Spanish already… but spoilers, I can’t tell you about it yet.

Would you care about this? Default answer is that I don’t think so. There you have it. But, you are already reading this, so you must have your own reasons. I hope to have something interesting for you to read. If not, tell me so. Anyway I’m not here just to entertain everybody, but I wish I could share information that has some interest for some people.

To that point, I’m adding this kind of block format for any technical article I’m writting. I’m not interested in telling people just the same they could read on any specialized web page (and I don’t think I’ll do it better). You are here to also know about what I think about those topics.

I plan this to last, lately I’ve been writing more for work, and longing to continue to do so just for myself. I have the ability, the ideas, the means… I just needed something to kickstart it. And for me, the pandemic has been it. I’ve been working before it started remote with high intensity, and after a couple of years I need to go out more, see more friends, and write more things. And I don’t plan that to be just a phase.

You made to the end of the fist post! Now go read one of the other ones.

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Vicente Herrera is a software engineer working on cloud native cybersecurity (cloud, containers, Kubernetes).
His latest job is cybersecurity specialist at Control Plane, and previously was Product Manager at Sysdig.
He is the published author of Building Intelligent Cloud Application (O’Reilly, 2019) about using serverless and machine learning services with Azure.
He has been involved in several research projects for using AI on healthcare and automatic code generation.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.