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This is the personal blog of Vicente Herrera.

I’m a computer engineer working right now on Cloud Native Security that wants to share some of the knowledge I acquire, some personal thoughts, and discussion of topics trying to clarify what is the actual status of cybersecurity and how can we shape its future. Unless otherwise stated, nothing you find here is endorsed by my employer. Check my main page for links to other things I’ve done in the past, some of them of a very different nature.

In these articles, I usually try to explain security and technology concepts. But my special interest is to add my own opinion and vision on these subjects, that you can only read here, and which will be formatted this way. Thanks for listening to my thoughts!

Want to contact me? Try @v1z3n (I like public conversations) or any of my other networks.

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This blog is hosted on GitHub pages creating a custom generated site with a GitHub Actions workflow (not default automatic GitHub pages), using Jekyll and a modified Chirpy theme.