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Kubernetes tutorial

7. Tear down the cluster and infrastructure

Delete microservices resources

Don’t forget to tear down the Kubernetes cluster when you have finished experimenting with it. As the load test tool will start to generate simulated traffic immediately, it will lead to expensive charges if left running.

From the microservices-demo folder, run:

$ cd microservices-demo
$ skaffold delete

Delete Prometheus and Grafana resources

To delete the prometheus-operator resources, use

helm delete --purge prometheus

prometheus-operator defines some custom resource definitions (CRDs), that have to be deleted manually:

kubectl delete crd prometheuses.monitoring.coreos.com
kubectl delete crd prometheusrules.monitoring.coreos.com
kubectl delete crd servicemonitors.monitoring.coreos.com
kubectl delete crd podmonitors.monitoring.coreos.com
kubectl delete crd alertmanagers.monitoring.coreos.com

Destroy infrastructure elements

To also destroy the Azure infrastructure elements, from the infra folder use:

$ cd ..
$ cd infra
$ terraform destroy

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